Business Planning… in August?!?!?

Every fall thousands of agents attend training classes, workshops and seminars to create a plan for the following year in hopes of generating new and significant growth in their business. But how many of those agents are prepared?

It’s so easy for agents to let day-to-day business prevent them from getting ready for these planning workshops in advance. To have a great planning experience, they need to know their numbers! If they don’t, they’ll leave the workshop feeling overwhelmed and ultimately, will create an uninspired, uninformed plan, if they ever create one at all.

The business planning process CAN be one of the most empowering and critical steps to take any person’s business to the next level. In order to really benefit from the process, it is best to have the following:

  • Full awareness of where you are: how happy are you with your life balance?
  • Full awareness of where your business is: what are your numbers for the current year?
  • A long-term vision for your life and business: where would you like your life and your business to be three and even five years from now?
  • Shorter, clearly defined goals that lead to realization of your vision: how will you know you’re on track three months in to the new year?
  • Education on key numbers and ratios to break-down your goals to daily action plans: do you know all the key indicators to successful business building?
  • Documentation for your business plan: do you have the documents you’ll need to create an effective plan?
  • Relationships of accountability with people who will help you stay on task: who is on your accountability team? Do you know how to choose?

In the coming months, Long & Foster will hold several business planning workshops and we hope to see you there. By understanding and committing to the process outlined above now, you will go a long away to making your 2020 business plan your most transformational yet.

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