The Best Tool We Have is a Question

“Questions can be like the lever you use to pry open the stuck lid on a paint can.”

Fran Peavy

Or, our favorite way of saying it, questions lead to confessions.

Make no mistake about it, the best tool we have is a question. Questions are key to creating curiosity, objection handling, negotiating and communicating. Whether we are asking the client or the client is asking us, questions are how we know if we are still in communication with others and how someone else is thinking.

Here are three types of questions that are particularly helpful in real estate conversations.

The Rating Question
Example: “On a scale from 1 to 5, 1 being you can’t wait to leave and 5 being, write the contract now, where are you with regards to buying this house?”

Asking clients to rate where they are feeling in a particular area is a great start. The follow-up question of “what would it take to take your rating to the next level” is usually where the magic happens.

You can apply rating questions to any number of situations to help get the most useful information from your clients.

The Exaggerated Variable Question
Example: “If I could sell your house for free, would you sign the listing agreement now, or is there something else you would want to consider?”

These questions are usually best used to really help isolate the issue. They also tend to help us uncover other concerns that impact your clients’ perception but have not been expressed yet.

The Future Focused Question
Example: “If you are still living in the same house six months from now, will you be kicking yourself for not taking this offer or will you be fine with that outcome?”

This question is fantastic for transferring the accountability of a decision back to a client. Even if the client appears to be going along with your advice, asking this question will ensure clarity of roles and even build trust regardless of the outcome of any decision.

There are many more types of questions and great wording of questions that agents have developed over the years. Want to share your best questions? You can do so by posting them on our Success Path Facebook group.