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The Power of Desire

In the latest Success Path virtual class, we interviewed James Spooner, a certified Think and Grow Rich coach, about the principles in the book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. Here are our top three takeaways from Spooner’s insights.

There are critical differences between a wish, a desire and a burning desire. Let’s focus on “burning desires.” For the universe to really deliver for you and for you to make something a reality, the intensity of your intentions needs to be extreme. You need to identify, document and repeat daily where you want to go and who you want to become.

This is a sharp contrast to wishes, which typically are inconsistent and fleeting, or even mere desires, which are defined as persistent wishes, but not the priority of your actions and thoughts. Burning desires are typically subsets of your “Why’ and are in perfect alignment with it.

Thoughts become things. Spooner shared with us an analogy between lifting magnets, like those used in a scrap yard, and thoughts. Scrap-yard lifting magnets are sometimes as high as 50 feet from the cars. There is nothing but air between the car and the magnet. Yet when someone flips a switch, the car immediately lifts into the air and connects with the magnet. You can’t see the energy generated by the flipping of the switch, but it exists. Our thoughts are energy and in the same away, they attract large, tangible results. Begin to “act as if” those results are already happening.

It takes daily, purposeful attention to use the magnetic power of your thoughts. What is your burning desire? What are afraid of? What if you fail? If answering these questions causes anxiety, you are not alone. Many people will begin to ponder these questions, only to let their anxiety abandon their efforts. Yet the science of success is the same and unchanging: If you want to tap into the infinite power of your mind and thoughts begin by doing the following:

  • Read…Start with “Think and Grow Rich”
  • Decide on a burning desire and write it down
  • Get into actions that help move you toward your burning desire
  • Act as if those goals and results are already happening
  • Stay plugged in by repeating the process on a daily basis

It is our hope this journey leads you to the same level of success that we have enjoyed because of it.