The Results Are In: Long & Foster Has 97% Satisfaction

Long & Foster achieved an amazing satisfaction rate in 2018. Of customers who either bought or sold a home when partnered with a Long & Foster agent, 97 percent were highly content and would recommend their agent to others, according to results compiled from surveys conducted via Sinclair Customer Metrics, a leading independent market research company and Long & Foster’s partner in our Client Satisfaction Survey.

Feedback and results of this nature help to validate Long & Foster’s and our agents’ dedication and commitment to offering the best service in the real estate industry. We are always striving to improve and provide our clients with the best experience in the business. It starts with our incredible agents; your passion and enthusiasm in each and every transaction is a hallmark of our brand, and these satisfaction results further prove that mission.

Growing business organically through word of mouth
Buying and selling a home is an emotional experience and when potential clients are looking for an agent, testimonials are the front line of trust and credibility. The most powerful tool in marketing is a happy client’s referral to their friends, family or acquaintance. Feedback allows our agents the ability to continuously strive to improve and provide highest standard of business.

Using testimonials in online marketing efforts.
We value the power of using positive testimonials in online marketing. Most people search online for agents and want to see/hear success stories from past customers. Long & Foster recommends our agents use Testimonial Tree, an easy-to-use online reputation management company. Testimonial Tree provides the ability to obtain, organize, sort and share testimonials quickly and easily enables agents to build an excellent reputation online, gain trust from prospects and generate more referrals.  Expanding our agents reach to those outside of their immediate network.

Identifying and measuring successful company outreach.
Gathering feedback from clients allows both Long & Foster and our agents the ability to measure the success of our marketing outreach. Clients inform us of how they first learned about Long & Foster and why they chose us as their preferred real estate company. By collecting this data, we are able to discover both successes and possible improvements of company marketing.  With evolving methods of establishing an online presence, we strive to use the best platforms for clearly communicating the passion and enthusiasm we have about serving our clients.

Want to learn more about the client satisfaction survey and Testimonial Tree, visit the Café page (Keyword: Client Satisfaction Survey).