Tailored Move Now Open For Business

New Long & Foster company offers ‘ultimate moving experience’ for area buyers and sellers

What is Tailored Move?

The latest venture from The Long & Foster Companies, Tailored Move is a professional residential moving company. Like Long & Foster, Tailored Move strives to deliver personalized and high-quality service through every step of a homeowner’s move, whether they’re headed cross-country or cross-county.

Through its partnership with Collins Brothers, Tailored Move offers local, long-distance and international moving services with competitive rates and a service-based approach. Clients are provided with a guaranteed flat-rate quote, rather than hourly estimates on moving services, so they know what they can expect to pay before their move occurs. In addition, Tailored Move gives each client $20,000 full-value replacement coverage of their belongings, at no additional cost. Beyond traditional moving services, Tailored Move will offer cleaning, staging, decluttering, packing, storage and unpacking services.

Why did Long & Foster open Tailored Move?

“Long & Foster pioneered the concept of all-inclusive real estate services, and we have long offered a diverse range of real estate and financial services to support buyers and sellers with everything from their first rental property to their first house purchase, from financing their dream home to managing their investment properties,” said Jeff Detwiler, president and CEO of The Long & Foster Companies. “Tailored Move builds on that vision, furthering our and our real estate agents’ ability to simplify the home-buying and selling process.”

How is Tailored Move different than other moving companies?

Tailored Move was developed with both the consumer and their real estate agent in mind, according to Brian Schuckalo, chief new business ventures officer at The Long & Foster Companies, who oversees Tailored Move. As such, the company is set up to provide personal support to both Realtors and their clients, with a customer care team that is available anytime either has a question about the move. They also provide regular communications to real estate agents, ensuring they’re up-to-date on their clients’ moves.

“There are dozens of moving parts in a real estate transaction, and the actual move is just one of them. At Tailored Move, we designed our simple moving process with that in mind,” said Schuckalo. “We are organized, careful and thoughtful with every move to ensure your moving day goes according to plan and exceeds your expectations.”

Does this affect Home Service Connections and the moving partners we have through HSC?

Many of our agents have developed relationships with our Home Service Connections moving, decluttering and storage companies over the years, and the launch of Tailored Move does not change that. Long & Foster values the partnerships we’ve built with all of our Home Service Connections partners and Tailored Move simply provides real estate agents with another option to offer to clients when they’re in the process of moving.

When is Tailored Move available to me?

Tailored Move’s services will be available in parts of the D.C. metro region in early May, with the company expanding its services throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast over the coming months. To learn more about Tailored Move, visit TailoredMove.com.