Introducing Long & Foster’s Next-Gen Marketing & Productivity Platform: FOSTER

Ever wish you had all your favorite real estate apps in one place? Now you do, with FOSTER on the Hub, our marketing and productivity platform, now available on our Intranet Hub. FOSTER was created to provide everything you need to run your business, from everywhere. Accessible from the Intranet Hub, FOSTER enables you to experience an easier, more efficient and comprehensive workflow by combining all your tools and resources in one place – separating you from the competition.

How FOSTER benefits Long & Foster agents

FOSTER helps you operate your day-to-day business, promote your services, and nurture your relationships with easy access to a variety of best-in-class programs. You can choose to foster your business with Long & Foster’s provided programs in addition to special products and services from our partners and some favorite agent apps.

With FOSTER, you can work on your own terms

FOSTER was designed for you to select your own “custom suite” of productivity and marketing tools, so you can work on your own terms. Not only will you simplify your workflow using FOSTER, but also you can choose to market your services in a way that is unique to you.

How does FOSTER work?

FOSTER’s intuitive dashboard is easy to navigate once you learn its “geography,” which includes these five main content areas:

  1. Long & Foster Channels.  Videos and articles providing insight on the company’s strategic vision, current industry news, fresh market perspectives, best practice tips and more to help you evolve as a real estate sales professional.   
  2. Office Files. Company-provided Microsoft Office 365 programs including Outlook email and access to your saved files.  
  3. Agent Workflow:  All of your favorite apps in one place, categorized for easy access – from Agent Tasks & Services and the LF Power Suite (Powered by Moxi*) to Marketing Resources, Listing Tasks and LF1 Client Services with the ability to quickly and easily connect your clients to the suite of LF1 Services, in addition to a variety of Agent Resources provided by Long & Foster.
  4. Social: Links to your social media so you can easily post directly from your FOSTER dashboard. 
  5. Announcements: A live feed to keep up to date on the most current company news and information.

Learn more and get started by visiting FOSTER on the Hub here.