Not Using The Exchange? Three Agents Share What You’re Missing Out On 

Nowadays, much of the real estate process takes place online, and as more work is done virtually, the risks have grown. Real estate has been increasingly targeted by cybercriminals, making it more important than ever to work with trusted and secure partners when buying or selling a home. 

Mid-States Title, Long & Foster’s own settlement and title partner, has long recognized the importance of security and simplicity in the often-complex settlement process. Now they have upped their investment in their clients’ safety with The Exchange, a secure online closing platform.  

The Exchange adds another layer of security to the operating and technology platforms leveraged by Mid-States and its title companies—RGS Title, Sage Title Group, Sage Premier Settlements, Infinity Title and Realm Title Agency, further protecting their clients and real estate partners. 

How it works 

The Exchange allows buyers and sellers to work directly with their Realtor, lender and settlement team through a single, secure online portal. There, they can stay updated on the transaction’s progress and milestones, safely transfer and share documents needed for closing, and digitally sign. It keeps all parties in the loop, from pre-closing to settlement, and decreases the administrative tasks required at closing.  

Why these Long & Foster agents love The Exchange 

The Exchange has been available for several months now, and it has already earned rave reviews from our agents—a few of whom shared their thoughts with us here.  

Lydia Clark, Purcellville Gateway Office in Purcellville, Virginia 

“The Exchange is a great tool. It’s very efficient and I love that I can easily log in and catch up where I am in the transaction at any time. It’s very self-explanatory and user friendly. It makes contact with the title company so much easier! You can find it all in one place instead of sifting through emails, questioning, did I send it? Was I just thinking it? It really does streamline correspondence and is easy to use.” 

Paul MacKenzie, Eldersburg Office in Eldersburg, Maryland 

“The Exchange provides a secure portal for me and my clients to share information and prepare for settlement. It acts as a repository of all the relevant paperwork, so I can quickly and easily locate any files I need, plus my buyers can send their earnest money deposits through the portal.  

The Exchange is a great tool in today’s world, where everyone is moving away from mailing checks and printing copies of everything. I’d recommend Sage to any other agents who haven’t used them in the past just because of the convenience that The Exchange offers.” 

Dave Wills, Warrenton Office in Warrenton, Virginia 

“Everything is electronic in my world—I don’t carry papers or files—and The Exchange helps me be more efficient digitally. It’s a central repository of all contract paperwork and even messages between me, my clients and the settlement company. It opens lines of communications across all parties, keeping the transaction running smoothly and everyone informed of where they’re at the process—even notifying individuals when a document is uploaded that they need to act on. 

For agents who aren’t using The Exchange yet, think about it like the manila folder you carry around in your bag. This is your own secret folder for just you and your title partner. When either of you puts something into that folder, you both have it, so you’re always in sync.” 

To learn more about how The Exchange can benefit you and your clients, contact your local Mid-States title partner.