Consider Becoming an Active Referral Agent with Metro Referrals

Looking for a change? COVID interrupting your business? Tired of paying all the real estate related fees? Why not put your license into an active referral status with Metro Referral Associates?

As an active referral agent, you pay no E&O insurance, no lockbox fees, no MLS fee, and no National Realtor Association® fees. The only fees that you will incur as a Metro Referral Associates are the yearly membership fee of $99, your continuing education fee and your renewal fee to the real estate commission.

In addition, referrals can be placed anywhere in the country, with any brokerage and the Metro Referral Associate receives a referral fee when the referral settles.

If you are interested in joining Metro Referral Associates, please contact the Metro Referrals office at 703-877-7839 or visit the website at for additional information.