Filing an Insurance Claim During a Pandemic

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, many people may be hesitant about filing an insurance claim right now. Whether there’s a newfound leak in the home or a broken window, many insurance companies have managed to keep their claims process as seamless and stress-free as possible. While changes have certainly been made, the use of technology has enabled many to file claims and get their homes inspected without any major hiccups. 

We talked to Brenda Peremes, vice president of claims from The Philadelphia Contributionship, and Lindsay Brookshire, senior territory manager at Safeco, to discuss the ways you can file an insurance claim and the safety procedures that they’ve implemented to ensure everyone stays safe during these trying times. 

On filing insurance claims from home, Peremes said that “it hasn’t changed at all; our remote capabilities are integrated well.” All their systems are connected so if you report something online, they can still see everything.

Operations at Safeco are similar, and Brookshire mentioning that “they’re doing everything they can via video or online.” Unless there is an emergency, such as water damage or threat of mold, in-person home inspections have ceased.  

“We’re used to visiting with clients and working closely with vendors, so COVID-19 has changed that,” Brookshire said, “However we’ve always encouraged people to use our app and other online resources, so 90% of what we do is the same.”  

When it comes to making a claim, it’s never a good idea to wait. Peremes added that, “the worst thing is doing a repair without documenting it because then there’s no way of evaluating it.” Should something get damaged in your home, make sure to talk to your insurer so they can provide the best course of action. 

The main thing that both Peremes and Brookshire wanted to communicate to people is that though they are working in a different environment now, no one should worry about reaching out. They are both following CDC guidelines closely and have numerous safety precautions in place. 

You can read more about the protocols Safeco has implemented here and The Philadelphia Contributionship’s response here.