LF1: The Only Way to Buy and Sell

For over 50 years, Long & Foster has led the market (and our industry) with an integrated approach to real estate. Our team comprises not only accomplished Realtors, but also professionals in mortgage, title, insurance, moving and more.  

It’s an all-inclusive approach to the business that consumers—especially in today’s busy world—find tremendously valuable. Buying, selling, renting and even owning a home with Long & Foster is a seamless and coordinated process, thanks to our family of companies. It—and we—bring the simplicity, clarity and coordination in real estate transactions that our clients want and it’s time that we share that story.  

That’s why I’m so excited about LF1 and all it has to offer you and your clients. LF1 is the only way to buy and sell a home. It’s a new way of talking about the all-inclusive customer experience we have, which brings together everything and everyone a consumer needs on their real estate journey. 

LF1 provides a more seamless and complete real estate experience, and it is the only full solution in the real estate industry today. It melds the individual strength, size, reach, people, divisions, experiences and leadership across The Long & Foster Companies into one cohesive and powerful benefit for Long & Foster’s agents and consumers. It saves time and money, but more importantly, it saves from extra stress and hassle—two things everyone can benefit from reducing in today’s world.  

Beyond just sharing all that we and LF1 have to offer, we’re expanding on our commitment to LF1 this year and launching a new inspection company, Insight Home Inspections. With an inspection business part of Long & Foster’s all-inclusive services model, our real estate agents—all of you—can truly offer clients everything they need to buy, sell or own a home.  

Why Inspection?  

While Long & Foster had long partnered with the industry’s leading inspection companies, you can’t control the customer experience when it’s someone else’s business. That focus on delivering an exceptional experience, each and every time, is core to our long-term vision at Long & Foster, and it drove our decision to expand the company’s integrated services to include Insight. 

Similarly, Long & Foster has undertaken a complete rebranding of our property management division this year. Working in collaboration with a leading industry creative agency, Long & Foster’s property management and marketing teams are developing a new brand for our property management services. Our new property management will be reflective of the exceptional services and all-inclusive experience our company and each of you offers.  

I look forward to sharing more with you about our inspection company and new property management team. In the meantime, please check out our LF1 page on the Intranet Hub, https://lnfcompanies.sharepoint.com/sites/Intranet/SitePages/LF1.aspx. There, you’ll find several videos that explain LF1 and how it works for our agents and customers.