Winter Weather Tips

With the plentiful snowfall we’ve received recently, it’s important to be mindful of winter weather to stay safe. Being prepared for potential wintry conditions will ensure you’re not caught without the proper tools in your car and your home.

From snow to sleet, it’s a good idea to prepare your car and yourself for driving. While driving in wintry weather is not recommended, having an emergency kit in your car containing these common winter driving supplies will come in handy in the event you’re on the road and get stuck:

  • Snow shovel, broom and ice scraper
  • Jumper cables, flashlight and blankets
  • Abrasive material, such as sand or kitty litter, in case your car gets stuck in the snow

During a storm, it’s advised to stay inside as winter weather can be quite treacherous, especially during a power outage. If you know a storm is brewing, get these maintenance tasks taken care of so your home can stay safe:

  • Prevent frozen pipes. Insulate exterior pipes by covering them with newspaper or plastic bags to keep them from getting frosted over.
  • Clean out your gutters. Leftover leaves and other debris will build up snow or ice during the winter months. Once the snow or ice melts it could leak into the home and cause water damage.
  • Replace furnace filters. This will ensure that your heating system is operating at its full functionality and improving the home’s air quality.
  • Have safe alternate heating systems available on the off chance that your primary source breaks down or malfunctions.
  • Test your carbon monoxide detectors. Check the expiration date and replace if necessary, they typically last around three to five years.