Your Social Media Mid-Year Checkup

The mid-point of the year is a good time to evaluate how your marketing efforts are working, which includes how your social media accounts are performing.

Though it may be tempting to only pay attention to how many likes or follows you have, those aren’t the metrics that matter most. The three metrics below are key to allowing you to quickly evaluate how well your accounts are performing.

Engagement includes likes, comments, shares/retweets and clicks. It tells you how much of your audience is actually paying attention and actively interacting with your content.

Reach is the number of unique people who have seen a piece of content you have posted whether or not they have engaged with that content.

Impressions refers to the number of times people have seen a piece of content you have posted. Similar to reach, it doesn’t matter if they have engaged with the content. However, it also includes when people see the content multiple times.

If you’re seeking to boost your social media performance, here are a few ways to improve it.

Do More Video
Incorporate more video into your efforts. Pre-recorded and live video perform better than any other type of post on social media.

It doesn’t have to be fancy or done on expensive video equipment and software, but it does have to be genuine. Be yourself, offer tips for people considering selling their homes or people who are purchasing homes, give tours of your listings or talk about interesting and unique features of your listings.

Be Responsive
When people interact with your posts or your page, respond. Reply to comments, give viewer shout-outs if you’re doing live video and answer messages in your inbox. This helps build engagement and show people they can reach you on social, meaning they’ll keep coming back.

Narrow Your Focus
Do you feel like you’re spreading yourself too thin over your various social media accounts? Close some of them. It’s better to consistently use just one or two platforms than to have neglected accounts on many platforms. Don’t feel like you have to be on everything.

If looking for content for your social media accounts is making you feel overwhelmed, consider implementing an editorial calendar. An editorial calendar is a place for you to plan your future social media content, keeping track of holidays, seasonal topics you want to write about, big events you want to promote and more. Download our sample editorial calendar here.