How Our Agents Are Working Virtually

During these unprecedented times, as many businesses close their doors it has become imperative for many people to transition their business online. This has come with its own set of difficulties; however, our agents have shown a knack for approaching these situations with creativity and resilience.

While many are hunkering down, our agents have been busier than ever, coming up with ingenious solutions to maintain their business and ensure that buying and selling a home is still a possibility. Below are some examples of agents who have maintained COVID-19 protocols while still going above and beyond to help their clients.

Mary Deaux | Moorestown, NJ

Adapting your business to a virtual world can lead to the implementation of many original business practices. This was the case with Mary Deaux, who created a new process for home selling she calls “reverse offering.” As the seller’s agent, Mary would have the buyer’s agent walk through a home afterward fill out a feedback form, highlighting any concerns they may have. Mary would then present those concerns to her client and, together, they would come up with a way to address those concerns and try and sweeten the deal. Whether it’s offering a 2-year home warranty or getting an estimate on renovations, they would take into consideration the different factors that go into making a home more susceptible to a buyer. As Mary says, “it’s a way of figuring out if the house works for the buyer and fixing those conditions without ever changing the price in the MLS.”

Gail Lee | Potomac, MD

At the start, Gail made sure that she was proactive with keeping people safe by printing out the COVID-19 protocols and placing them at the front of each of her properties, along with shoe covers, gloves and antiseptic wipes. Gail mentioned that she was very lucky saying, “Since all of my properties were vacant, it was a lot easier for me to show them off. At the end of February when everything started to escalate, I put seven to ten homes under contract.” As COVID-19 picked up, Gail put together virtual tours for her homes because she wanted to ensure that they still got a lot of exposure. She also implemented Facebook Live to showcase the properties, which allowed her to engage with her audience and answer questions as they popped up.

Ron & Stephanie Evans | Richmond, VA

Ron and Stephanie Evans are no stranger to working virtually. When they first started their team, EVANSRVAHOMES, Stephanie quickly realized that creating videos was a wonderful way to market their brand and increase engagement. As stay-in-place orders started popping up all over the country, Team Evans knew that they were fully equipped to handle those new guidelines. With their knowledge of video making, it was natural for them to create virtual tours of homes to allow buyers to shop for their future home without having to step outside. According to Stephanie, “Technology has advanced and people are becoming more comfortable making a home purchase decision with the use of video and virtual home showings. We hope we are turning the corner, but until then, we will do our part to provide good content. We want to keep everyone safe while recognizing that many people have to move right now.”