Social Media Q&A

Social Media Q&A with Jasmine Agnew

In the age of social media fluency, new apps are constantly coming out that generate a lot of buzz. None have been quite as successful as TikTok, formerly known as The short-form video-sharing app has gained enormous traction over a relatively short period, quickly becoming a mainstream social media app akin to Instagram or Snapchat.

Many have even found an apt audience on the app. One such person is Jasmine Agnew, a Realtor with The Anthony Corrao Team. Her TikTok videos have garnered, on average, a couple of thousand views and counting. Below, we interviewed Agnew on her social media usage and how she’s able to use it to further her real estate business.

TikTok is typically used amongst a younger demographic to share funny videos or memes, why did you decide to use it to promote your business?

I was following a lot of motivational speakers and they kept talking about TikTok and how people should get on it. Once I got on the app, I saw a lot of real estate agents on it and decided that it was a good place to show funny videos of my life and the real estate industry. Lots of people think it’s for younger kids, but there’s a wide audience there.

What audience are you hoping to reach on TikTok that you don’t think you’re getting on other social media platforms?

I’m looking for younger millennials, but I don’t mind reaching a younger audience as well. Kids will show their parents and that’s a good way to get a referral because you never know who will see your videos.

How did you manage to garner such a large audience on a social media platform that is not as conducive to educational content as other platforms?

I try to put out a mix of different content that’s fun, while also being aware of what’s trending on the platform. So, for one video I made, I took a popular meme format and refitted it to apply to real estate tropes and stereotypes so that it was funny and relatable. I just try to engage with people and let people know what being a real estate agent is like.

Do you believe that TikTok is the most successful social media platform for what you’re doing?

I think that it’s getting there. People are constantly throwing videos on there, so it’s easier to blow up. I have 3,900 followers alone and that’s more than I’ve ever had on Instagram or LinkedIn.

What’s your goal when utilizing social media for your real estate business?

My goal is to show my personality, what I can do as your agent, and eventually get a referral. Connecting with people is a crucial part of real estate because that connection is how people decide to pick you as their realtor.

So many people will use their Instagram or Facebook to just post pictures of houses and you need to be more personable on those platforms so people can get to know who you are as a person.

How do you plan your social media feeds?

I don’t have a specific vision; I just do it organically. I’m on social media every single day, getting inspiration from different people. I’m always on Canva making my own flyers and I just try to be consistent. It’s important to keep yourself in people’s faces so you don’t fall off the algorithm.

I know a lot of people have a specific way of doing things, but it just happens naturally for me. I’ll post a quote one day, another day I’ll post an informational flyer or a pic of myself or a video of myself talking.

How do you see social media usage changing and evolving amongst realtors in the coming year?

Social media is huge right now, especially since people are constantly on there and they always have a phone in their hand, sharing content. You can generate so many leads through Facebook and other social media platforms. Technology is taking over and if you’re not on social media your business will not be as successful as it could be.

For those looking to get into TikTok or other newer social media platforms, what advice do you have for them?

Consistency is key. Just be your true self and show your personality and you’ll get a good outcome from it. There’s no harm in just trying it out and seeing where you go from there. There are plenty of real estate agents on social media who are immensely successful and getting referrals from it.