Insurance Options for Agents

Insurance Options for Agents

With the wealth of insurance options available to agents, it can be a confusing process for those unfamiliar with the insurance landscape. Thankfully, Long & Foster Insurance has the tools, resources and experience to help narrow down the best options for each individual and make the process exponentially easier.

Two of our benefits specialists, Stacy Phillips and Keith Garrison gave insight into the different insurance options that are available to agents through Long & Foster Insurance and how agents can go about choosing their insurance plan.

First off, Long & Foster Insurance provides insurance options for everything from health insurance to dental, long-term care and more. They also have access to all major carriers in all the states that we service. By having access to all carriers, they can provide a multitude of options and build in special discounts or underwriting. Coverage varies state by state so what one agent may purchase in Virginia will be different from what’s offered in Washington, D.C.

“An advantage of using Long & Foster Insurance is that it’s an independent broker,” said Garrison. “If you call Blue Cross Blue Shield, you would have no idea if you’re getting the best deal. We can find the best prices and help guide you through the process.”

Phillips noted that one plan does not fit all and oftentimes insurance agencies only offer one type of program and that program might not be the best for you. When considering the different insurance options out there, agents need to be conscious of their personal needs and situations.

“Do they have ongoing health issues or upcoming surgery or need a certain prescription medication? These questions will determine what type of plan they’re going to get,” Phillips said. It’s important to make sure that whatever plan you choose will have your doctors within its network and that it will be able to cover all your medical needs.

Through Long & Foster’s technology, its insurance professionals can compare hundreds of products across hundreds of different companies within an instant. The information they can obtain on all these different markets gives them the time to counsel people and make sure that they’re getting the best option.

For more information regarding what Long & Foster Insurance is able to provide to agents look on the Café. You can also contact either Phillips or Garrison directly so they can recommend the best options for you.