Get Started with MoxiCampaigns

Available in Beta

Keep in touch with your clients and engage with new leads through MoxiCampaigns! This new feature in MoxiEngage sends valuable email campaigns on your behalf—all at no charge to you.

What types of campaigns are available within MoxiCampaigns?

  • Holiday
  • Item of Value Letters
  • Monthly Newsletters
  • Recently Closed – Buyer
  • Recently Closed – Seller
  • Buyer – Warm Prospects
  • Seller – Warm Prospects
  • New Lead
  • And more!

How do I get started?
You can access MoxiCampaigns via Foster or the Café.

Via Foster: From Foster, click on Campaigns in the Moxi Marketing section.

Via the Café: Access MoxiCampaigns by visiting our MoxiEngage Café page. From there, select the “Click here to access MoxiEngage” button. This will take you to your MoxiEngage account via the single sign on process. From here, click on the MoxiCampaigns tab at the top of your dashboard.

Once you’ve accessed campaigns, you’ll follow these steps to opt into an email campaign:

  • Click on the Campaigns tab
  • Click on the Add Campaign button
  • Select the campaign you’d like to opt into
  • Click on the Add People button to add the contacts you’d like to opt into the campaign
    1. You can add groups or individual people from your MoxiEngage account
  • Click Next and Save
  • Select the download and launch button


View trainings and tutorials on the Institute. To access the Institute, visit Foster. Agents can access Foster within their MoxiEngage accounts or via the Café. For trainings and tutorials, click on Success Path and select LNF Tools.

Contact Moxi Support at or 206-388-4789.

Please feel free to provide us feedback as the platform is currently in beta.