Enhance Your Business with These Long & Foster Tools & Technology

New features are now available

Long & Foster Real Estate provides its agents with access to a variety of resources and tools to help drive your success. Our partners are continually adding new features and functionality to improve their platforms, so you can better serve your clients. Here is the latest news on just a few of our technology and marketing tools you have available to you.  


MoxiCampaigns – Customizable Campaigns and Emails
Customizable campaigns are now available on MoxiEngage. You can build your own campaign and emails with the latest update. Head on over to the Institute for tutorials on the following topics: 

  • What are campaigns
  • Campaigns vs. emails
  • Editing campaigns
  • Creating your own campaigns

For more information, visit our MoxiCampaigns Intranet Hub page.


Market Activity Alerts
RealScout isn’t just for buyers anymore — now you can send email alerts to your seller prospects and clients! RealScout’s new Market Activity Alerts allow you to set up an email alert that shows all the buyer activity and the most popular listings and sales in a specific area. Now, you can keep sellers & homeowners (and also buyers) up-to-date on their local market, so you stay top-of-mind when it’s time for them to buy or sell. To learn more about RealScout, visit our RealScout Intranet Hub page.

Agent Websites

New Features
Available through Portal Manager, you can now add video banners, create a blog and add news articles to your Long & Foster Agent or Team Website. Access Portal Manager here.

Website Video Banners: Choose from four available video options: Default, Suburban, Urban or Coastal. Training is also available on the Institute.

Website Blog: Learn how to create a blog or add news articles to your agent website in this training video.


RealEstate Content
Creating engaging content is hard. For a discounted price of $10 per month, ActivePipe is now offering RealEstate Content, giving you access to a library of content designed specifically for first-time buyers, sellers, investors and more. New content will be added each month, so you’ll always have new content to share with your database. All recipients will be taking to a brokerage branded landing page with your agents details, keeping your brand front and center. To learn more about ActivePipe, visit our ActivePipe Intranet page

Trainings and tutorials are available on the Institute. To access the Institute, click above to log into the Moxi/Foster hub. Then click Success Path and choose L&F Tools.