The Ninja Nine: Daily Habits for Success

As you may have heard, Long & Foster is hosting Ninja Selling Installations throughout the company’s markets. The Ninja Selling system is based on the philosophy of building relationships, listening to the customer, and helping them achieve their goals. It is less about selling and more about how to create value for people. Keep your eyes open for upcoming Ninja classes in your area, but in the meantime here are nine Ninja tips for 2019.

The daily Ninja Nine Habits for Success in “giving” not “selling” the business

1. Write your daily gratitudes. Take some time each morning to write a list of the things you are grateful for today. Being in a space of gratitude creates great framework for the day.

2. Show up! Stop opening your email first. Resist the addiction. Instead, do one hour of productive work first. Work “on” your business in the morning. Work “in” your business in the afternoon.

3. Write two personal notes. People love receiving personal handwritten notes. Make it a daily practice. Write notes about anything – thank you notes, just checking in notes, birthday cards –anything goes!

4. Focus on your Hot List daily. Stay in touch with those folks who are about to buy or sell now or in the very near future. Think, “Who can I write a contract with this week?”

5. Focus on your Warm List daily. Make sure to stay in touch with the people who are interested in buying or selling but aren’t ready to pull the trigger just yet.

6. Focus on your customer service calls weekly. Transaction follow ups are very important in getting referrals and repeat business.

7. Schedule two real estate reviews this week. Schedule a time to sit down with two people in your sphere of influence to simply give them an update on the value of their home in today’s market.

8. Schedule 50 live contacts this week.

9. Update your database for property matches weekly. Check the MLS frequently and make sure you are on top of new listings that match your clients’ needs!