New Year Routines to Help Agents Stay Sane

For real estate agents, the New Year brings all kinds of possibility and opportunity. It’s time to focus and resolve to building an even better business in the year ahead and to recommit to goals and activities that may have gotten dropped in the past year.

But just as you’re bringing these resolutions to reality, the spring market arrives. The ensuing rush often results in harried and frantic workdays, going from task to task, appointment to appointment, client to client. What started out as great intentions for the year ahead can give way to over-commitment and a declining work/life balance.

A positive work/life balance will bring you meaningful achievements and enjoyment in these key areas—spirituality, health and wellness, family and relationships, career and finances.

Before spring officially arrives, we’ve compiled these five steps to stay on track in achieving your New Year’s goals and achieving a better work/life balance.

Five steps to achieve a better work/life balance

Step 1: Assess your satisfaction level in each of the areas listed above. Reach out to for the “Wheel of Life Assessment Exercise.”

Step 2: Commit to three activities that would help increase satisfaction levels in each of the areas and write them down in your planner.

Step 3: Lean in to good health. Your health is a priority. Get checkups and screenings, eliminate fake and processed foods, strive to eliminate sugars and starchy carbs, get moderate exercise 3-4 times per week, try to get 7-8 hours of sleep a night and drink plenty of water.

Step 4: Time block for YOU! Take time on Sunday nights to schedule personal time for the week ahead, whether it’s spending an evening with family and friends or doing activities just for you.

Step 5: Remember to disconnect. Consider trying mindfulness meditation, taking time for self-reflection and journaling, participating in personal development classes or just taking time off to relax.

Real estate agents will always take the time they need to build their businesses, and with these simple, you’ll be able to maintain your career while adding more quality and balance to your life.