Need a Vacation from Life? Here’s How to Get the Balance You Want and Need

By Dennis Giannetti 

You’re mid-way through a well-deserved week-long getaway, and the one thing that keeps going through your mind is, “I wish I had more time.” The fact is: you aren’t ready to go back. It’s not that you don’t like owning your own business or that you don’t realize that this getaway is possible because of the money you make. It’s just that it felt so good to get away. You needed this vacation because you have worked so hard and needed the rest, fun and just some time for you. Sound familiar? 

Here’s the thing.  

A vacation should be a celebration of the life you are living, not an escape from it. 

The idea of “work hard, play hard” sounds gratifying until we realize there is a lot more “work hard” in that equation than the playing. There is nothing wrong with hard work, but having said that, there is nothing wrong with smart work either.  

But what does it mean to work smart so that we can create a life we don’t need a vacation from? A life that, when we go away, is a celebration and not an escape.   

Here are a few tips to get the balance you need and work smarter.  

Work for the calendar, not the clock. Too often we say there isn’t enough time in the day. As a result, we are stressed out trying to get things done before the day ends. If we look at what we MUST do over the course of a week and minimize the “shoulds” each day, we will be more focused, less distracted and yes, less stressed. 

Have a To Be list instead of a To Do list. Too often, we check things off a list based on what we feel “needs to be done.” A To Be list, however, focuses on those things that contribute to who we are and want to become. There is an old saying that if you want to become someone, act as if you already are.  Work on things that pull you forward, not hold you back. 

Create a Red Velvet Rope. A red velvet rope is often something you see at an event, where only the VIPs get access. In the real estate business, we want to work with people that know, like, trust and respect our efforts and commitment to them. After all, every time you work with someone who doesn’t respect you, you are taking that time away from working with the right people who will. Make sure to use your own red velvet rope in your business.  

Life isn’t perfect and we can’t control everything that happens to us. But we can create a life that we don’t need an escape from, but instead, one in which that getaway is one more reward for a life we celebrate every day. A life that we chose and created by prioritizing ourselves, so we can serve others better in their lives, too. 

About the Author 

Dennis Giannetti is a licensed Go-Giver speaker and coach. He has a Master of Science degree in negotiation and dispute resolution, as well as a master’s degree in training and development. In addition, he is a Master Ninja Selling instructor and a certified Robbins-Madanes Life and Business Strategist and Coach.  

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