Give Your Clients a Complimentary Branded Homeowner’s Manual

Insight Home Inspections delivers Home Insights with every inspection – a report that’s branded with your photo and contact information on the cover – to help you maintain long-term relationships with your clients.

If you’re helping your clients buy a home, you’ll recommend a home inspection, so they know what they’re getting into when making one of the biggest investments of their lives. As agents know, well-maintained homes generally sell for more and faster than properties that aren’t taken care of. Helping your clients maintain their home over the years can have a big impact on their ROI when they decide to sell. Lots of companies provide a basic inspection, but most agents would love to deliver more.

Only one company delivers two reports with every inspection: Insight Home Inspections. They deliver an inspection report and a customized, agent-branded homeowner’s manual.

When clients refer to their customized homeowner’s manual as their trusted home care reference guide, your name will be on the cover for them to contact when they are ready to make a move.

What is the Home Insights Report?

Home Insights is a homeowners’ manual to the home, featuring invaluable information on how to live in and maintain the new property. It’s a comprehensive report that clients will not only keep but refer to often throughout their homeownership journey. This report is not like a car owner’s manual. Because every home is different, every Home Insights report is different – it’s customized to each property!

What’s best is that Home Insights is branded with your photo, name, and contact info on the cover, keeping you top-of-mind long after the transaction. “Our research indicates that clients refer to Home Insights over the entire ownership of the property,” said JB Haller, Managing Director of Insight Home Inspections. “Every time a client opens Home Insights, they’re reminded of you and will be more likely to engage you when they’re ready to sell.”

What Your Clients Will Learn in the Home Insights Report

  • Where to find water and electric shut-off valves. How many times have you gotten a call from a client, or even had to call your own plumber or electrician, to find out where the shut-offs are located in your own home? Home Insights includes photos showing the exact location of shut-off valves in case of a leak or electrical emergency.
  • What size and type of air filters are needed. When it comes time to replace your home’s air filters, do you know the sizes you need? With Home Insights, your clients get that info, as well as recommendations on the best types to use and how often to change them.
  • Advice on taking care of the home’s exterior. Home Insights shares best practices and advice for maintaining or repairing your home’s exterior – from the sidewalks and siding to the garage door, gutters, and roof.
  • The ins and outs of the HVAC system. Nothing’s worse than your HVAC not working on a cold winter’s day or a hot summer night. With Home Insights, your clients have all the details they need about the HVAC system to maintain its efficiency year-round.
  • All you need to know about your windows. From what type of windows are installed and how long you can expect them to last to how to look for damage and how caulk around your windows can protect your home from water damage, that’s all in Home Insights!

Those are just a few of the many items in the Home Insights Report. It’s truly an owner’s manual for a home, and it helps your clients enhance their comfort, ensure their safety and maximize their investment.

View a sample of the Home Insights report at Insight Inspections Reports. To learn more about Insight Inspections or to schedule an inspection, visit Insight Home Inspections.