Nine Hottest Trends in Residential Design for 2021

Urban Pace, a Long & Foster company, recently compiled a list of the “Hottest Residential Design Trends for 2021.”  Many of these trends were forged from the challenges of the pandemic and will likely influence residential development for some time, while offering bright spots for our new normal.

  1. Wellness. The year 2020 had most of us thinking of wellness in a far more critical way. Indoor socially distanced fitness opportunities in carefully planned residential communities will undoubtedly remain a priority for 2021.
  2. Fresh air. The ability to breath clean, clear, well-circulated air came to the attention of buyers as never before. Prospects asked about fresh air intake, UV Lights and HEPA filters—with demand for state-of-the-art HVAC systems, whether new or retrofitted, likely to stay. 
  3. Outdoor space. Buyers increasingly looked to the great outdoors for socially distanced get-togethers or a tranquil retreat from stay-at-home orders. Outdoor space—including balconies and terraces—were among the most popular requests.
  4. Dens. Leisure-time or home office time, dens and libraries fit for a Zoom backdrop became much more popular. With work-from-home here to stay, the request for a nook for a professional endeavor, study, or cozy book-time is likely to linger.
  5. Package Rooms. Even before the pandemic, package rooms in large residential communities were deemed too small. With a surge in online shopping—both for convenience and safety—the need for easy-to-access package space has never been greater.
  6. COVID Puppy. Did you get one? Interest in amenities geared toward our four-legged friends grew as millennials rescued pets in record numbers. We suspect pet-friendly surroundings will continue to be among the 2021 top asks.
  7. Internet Access. With more people working from home, high-speed connectivity and reliable hot spots in common areas keep us in touch on the job or on a great escape from the confines of the home office.  What was once an after-thought has now moved to the top of buyers’ wish lists.
  8. Luxury Kitchens. For some, the stove is no longer a place to store winter sweaters. Renewed interest in cooking has also revived appreciation for the kitchen. And, even though the development cost may be higher, requests for gas cooking have increased.
  9. Sound of Silence. The more people are home, the more they get to know (perhaps unwillingly) their neighbors. Buyers are asking more technical questions about acoustic attenuation and sound transmission class ratings and seeking properties where builders have gone beyond the minimums.

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Content for this article courtesy of Urban Pace.