Introducing The Exchange: A Secure Closing Platform

Consumers want simplicity and security in their real estate transactions today, and our Long & Foster title partners deliver on those desires with The Exchange, an all-new secure digital closing platform.

Now available for Infinity, RGS, Sage and Sage Premier clients, The Exchange brings together agents, clients, lenders and the settlement team in a secure portal, where you can safely and securely:

  • Discuss an ongoing transaction – taking the conversations out of your already full email inboxes
  • Download and upload closing documents
  • Request closing services for your clients
  • Access closing paperwork from all your past transactions with Infinity, RGS, Sage or Sage Premier

How The Exchange benefits Long & Foster agents

With The Exchange, you’re in constant contact with all the parties in your clients’ transactions—the lender, the settlement team and, of course, your client—meaning you’ll always be in the know about the closing status. Additionally, your settlement team will use The Exchange for all the preparations before closing, so you’ll have an even stronger role in the transaction. In today’s world with the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, most of the transaction occurs before you reach the settlement table, and you’ll have an active part in that preliminary process through The Exchange.

How The Exchange benefits your clients

Real estate transactions have always been a target for cybercriminals looking to steal money and personal information. With the Covid-19 pandemic, the industry has become an even bigger target now that so much of the process occurs online. The Exchange adds another layer of security to Long & Foster settlement partner’s processes, with two-factor authentication and other security features to protect your clients and their money and information.

Additionally, The Exchange streamlines the often-complex settlement process, putting all the necessary parts, pieces and people in one single place. No need to search through emails for updates or call multiple people to see what’s happening. Now your clients can get all the updates they need at their fingertips in The Exchange.

As we’ve already heard from some of the early clients, The Exchange is an easy to use platform that reduces stress in an otherwise stressful transaction.

When will it be available to you

The Exchange is available for all new Infinity, RGS, Sage and Sage Premier closings as of February.