What the Media Wants: Insights from the Luxury Portfolio Team

Unpaid media is a huge tool, as it produces organic visibility that supports your marketing efforts. Our partners at Luxury Portfolio International shared with us some advice on how your luxury listings can catch the eye of some of the top-tier publications such as Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Mansion Global, Bloomberg and others. To that end, here’s some insight they shared with us specifically focused on these outlets.

Tips to Gain the Attention of Top-Tier Publications

 The “wow” factor. These include top-priced homes (often in excess of $20 million), record-breakers, very noteworthy architectural pedigree (Starchitect), celebrity/high-profile buyer or seller (if not a Hollywood figure, then a well-known CEO).

Represent a trend. They are extremely distinct, yet still magazine worthy. We call them “fish-out-of-water” homes. They look completely different than anything else on the market. For example, a treehouse, secluded island property, a home perched atop a cliff, the one home within hundreds of miles of the next, etc.

 A seller willing to speak. This is very important. We’re often faced with an amazing listing, but the seller insists on anonymity, which paralyzes the public relations process.

Great photography and beautiful aesthetics.  A home can be stunning from the outside, but if the interiors are lacking or the photography doesn’t look professional, a journalist might pass.

Immediacy. Media outlets cannot be kept waiting, which is why we encourage you to engage Long & Foster’s public relations team while working to secure the listing so that we can begin to prepare also.  

Exclusivity. Most top-tier publications want to be assured they are getting the story in an exclusive manner. If it’s a property that has already been written about, many will pass.

If you have an outstanding property that you’d like Long & Foster to promote on our Newsroom and share with the media, please submit your request to media@longandfoster.com.