LF68: Long & Foster’s Signature Scent

Launching new products and services that transform the home-buying experience has been part of our DNA since the year of our inception – 1968. Guided by the latest science and marketing trends, we are now pioneering an olfactive dimension to our brand with LF68, a bespoke home fragrance. It represents our commitment to enhancing the customer experience and highlights the importance of building deeper connections with our clients.
This initiative is bold, revolutionary and strategic – we are the first realty firm to develop a signature scent. LF68 tells the story of our company and expresses our brand in a unique and meaningful way, differentiating us from the competition and offering another impactful avenue for brand awareness. From displays at open houses to gifts at closings and beyond, LF68 redefines the real estate experience and adds a unique way for making memorable connections with our clients.
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