Five Facebook Marketing Tools Every Agent Should Implement in 2017

You already know the numbers. Over 90 percent of homebuyers begin their search online. What that means for real estate professionals is that you need to focus on your online presence in order to reach your audience. The next time you’re stand­ing on a bus or anywhere there are public ads, look around. How many people are looking at those ads versus looking at their phones? It’s evident in everyday life that the only way you will stay top of mind in 2017 is to have an online presence.

New Facebook tools and strategies offer innovative ways of getting more exposure, as well as allowing you to run more tar­geted campaigns. Here are five Facebook marketing tools you should consider incorporating this year:

1) Events: Facebook updates are great, but for even more feedback, try creating events to target a more specific audience. If you’re host­ing an open house or see one that your client might like to visit, simply send them an invite. This is a great way to target a specific audience and get some immediate feedback through RSVPs, comments, likes and shares.

2) Albums: To catch the attention of your audi­ence, create an album of a property and all its top-selling features. Instead of picking just one main photo of the property to share (or flood­ing your network’s feed with multiple posts), create an album to highlight the property’s top features. Here are some awesome tips on taking great listing photos.

3) Geo-Targeted Ads: Mobile marketing is vital in 2017 and now you can send ads and get your message in front of audiences within a specific geography. These new tools can find a geo-tar­geted audience based on location, socio-eco­nomic criteria, buyer interests and more. Finally, a tool is available where you can get much more specific and ensure your ads are being seen by exactly whom they’re intended for.

4) Live Video: This is a great option if you’re looking to get creative. With Snapchat gaining in popularity and Facebook becoming more of a video-centric platform, you have the oppor­tunity to build your brand by creating a per­sonalized TV station. Millennials are dominating the market and studies show their preferred method of content consumption is video, so this is your opportunity to reach them.

5) The 80/20 Rule: The 80/20 rule means your content focuses 80 percent on your consumer and 20 percent on promoting your business. This is a great rule for encouraging engage­ment. Posting tips and guides for your clients shows that you’re there to provide them with expert advice and less about self-promotion. If your focus is on helping your customer, they’re more inclined to listen to you when you’re trying to promote yourself.

Get To Work

Posting valuable content to social media should be central to your online marketing strategy. Utilizing all the tools Facebook has to offer will allow you to target specific audiences, increase engagement and ultimately keep you top of mind with your audience.

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