Email Marketing Best Practices

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Begin with a Strong Subject Line. The primary goal of sending an email is for the recipient to open it. That’s why it’s important that you capture attention with the right subject line. Short and sweet (5-9 words is optimal) is the name of the game and personalizing with neighborhood information such as local listings or attractions will set you apart from your competitors. Subject line personalization also leads to higher engagement.

Finish with a Call to Action. It’s important to direct your audience with a clear and concise call to action so they know exactly what to do. Include action verbs and phrases that persuade, such as “Get more information on this home now,” “Call me to discuss your next home” and “View listings in [your community] now.”

Keep Emails Relevant and Engaging. Rather than sending content to your contacts that may (or may not) apply to them, keep your advertised listings local and neighborhood news recent. Just make sure to add your own personal touch to convey authenticity. Once you’re happy with the body of your email, think about the timing and volume of your sends. Once to twice a week is desirable, but everyone is different, and it may take a bit of trial and error to find what works best for you. Whatever you decide, consistency is key to staying front of mind.

Send Personalized Emails. Recipients are much more likely to open your email if it’s personalized. Make your emails unique to the customer. Consider using their first name. What are their interests? What neighborhoods are they considering? Adding a personal touch can go a long way.

Use Your Personal Account to Send Emails. When sending emails to your sphere that advertise your listings or services, it’s best to do so from a personal account—not from a generic office or marketing account. Emails from your personal account will include your contact information in case they have any questions, and a recipient is more likely to engage with an email from a person—especially one that they know like you.

Don’t Bombard Your Contacts with Too Many Emails. How many are too many? How many are not enough? While there is no magic number, there are a few simple rules that will help guarantee your emails are well-received and bursting with value. Too many emails to your contacts with spammy content can land your emails in the junk folder. Make sure your emails look good – nicely formatted, crisp images and modern fonts.

Clean Out Your Database. Clean your contact lists, so you’re only sending emails to interested parties. Database maintenance will enhance your overall email performance.

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