Prosperity now offers doctor loans designed to help medical professionals.

Prosperity Offers a Variety of Custom Programs for Clients

Just as every neighborhood and every home has its own unique features, the team at Prosperity Home Mortgage, LLC, recognizes that each homebuyer has their own unique financing needs. That’s why Prosperity offers a wide range of mortgage products and programs to meet the needs of its broad range of customers.

From renovation and jumbo loans to financing programs tailored to the needs of veterans and doctors, PHM has many custom financing options to put your clients on the path to homeownership in no time.

Here are some of their custom offerings.

Doctor Loan Programs

If student loans are preventing your clients from buying a home, Prosperity’s all-new doctor loan program may be able to help them for both purchases and rate/term refinances. A few features of the program include high loan amounts—from $650,000 to $2 million—and gift funds may be allowed.

Buyer Advantage™ Lock, Shop & Home

With the Lock, Shop & Home program, eligible home buyers who participate in the Buyer Advantage™ program may also have the opportunity to lock in an interest rate before finding a home.


Do your clients want to make a purchase offer as serious as cash, but without tying up their funds in the home’s equity? The CASH EXPRESS program offers qualified borrowers lender-paid mortgage fees and the option to close quickly.

Conventional 3% Down Payment Program For First-Time Home Buyers

Is a down payment standing between your first-time homebuyers and homeownership? Conventional financing is available with a 3 percent down payment for loan amounts up to $484,350 with lender-paid mortgage insurance.

FHA Credit Advantage

Credit challenges? The FHA Credit Advantage program has a down payment of 3.5 percent and allows lower credit scores. Also, compensating factors may be considered along with credit history challenges.

Jumbo Loans

When your clients need a sizeable mortgage, Prosperity offers a variety of options with flexibility. Qualified borrowers may take advantage of down payments as low as 5 percent on loan amounts up to $3 million.

Prosperity EXPRESS

Give your clients an advantage during purchase negotiations with Prosperity EXPRESS. Qualified buyers may benefit from an expedited home-financing process, including a full commitment letter within 7 business days and a rushed appraisal at no additional cost.

Renovation Loans: House-to-Home

Are your buyers looking for a home that needs renovations? With House-to-Home renovation financing, improvements can range from basic repairs or upgrades, to more extensive additions or rebuilding with your clients’ improvement costs included in a single loan.

VA Home Loan Advantage

Prosperity strives to offer the industry’s best home financing options for active military and veterans. As a company, they have funded over $1.4 billion in VA home loans and have given over $6.2 million back in exclusive savings.

Learn More

A qualified mortgage consultant like those at Prosperity can help your clients through the process of finding the best loan for their needs and can be reached at 877-275-1762. You can also ask your managing broker to connect you with the Prosperity mortgage consultant who works in your office.