Rental Service Center Transitions to All Online Applications

Long & Foster’s Rental Service Center (RSC) has transitioned to all online rental applications. Previously, RSC processed both paper and online rental applications, and as of Oct. 1, they handle only electronic applications, making the process faster and more efficient and secure.

What are the benefits of online applications?

Added security of personal data: Electronic applications better protect sensitive personal information, such as social security numbers, date of birth, employment history and income. That helps ensure only the RSC employees who need to use the data will have access to it. Encryption technology also helps protect data from being read by unauthorized individuals, unlike paper applications which, unless securely stored and handled, can be viewed by anyone who comes into contact with them.

More efficient application processing: Online rental applications can be processed faster than paper applications, which helps reduce overall screening timeframes.

Convenient application process for renters: From, applicants can easily complete the application, authorize any required credit checks and pay necessary fees.

Fast turnaround time on rental decisions: Property owners receive applications faster, so they can make decisions and get their property rented faster.

Reduces risk of Fair Housing violations: Potential Fair Housing risks arise with paper applications and online applications help reduce these possibilities.

How do I get started using the online application?

It’s easy—all Long & Foster listings that are listed within an MLS automatically receive this feature when they are loaded into

If you have additional questions, visit the Online Rental Application page on the Café.