Generate Leads and Grow Your Business with Xpressdocs

Propel your business forward and achieve a lasting impression by showcasing your success on a printed brochure from Xpressdocs. Unveil your message across customizable panels, letting prospects discover what your brand has up its sleeve.

No matter which shape, size or template you select, Xpressdocs’ professionally designed print brochures are sure to pack a punch for your direct marketing needs.

What options does Xpressdocs offer?

  • Folded Brochures – open clients’ eyes to your marketing as they unfold your message on folded brochure.
  • Square Brochures – get your marketing squared away on a square brochure. Simply select the panel size to fit your needs and customize your message.
  • Rectangle Brochures – showcase your marketing in a professional, sleek fashion with rectangular panels. Available in various sizes to fit your branding and messaging needs.
  • Tri-fold Brochures – the workhorse of print brochure marketing, tri-fold brochures are packed with panel after panel of your messaging.
  • Wallet Brochures – create a message that’s always kept on hand with a wallet brochure.

How do I access Xpressdocs?

To access Xpressdocs, visit our Xpressdocs Café page and click on the “Click here to access Xpressdocs” button. This will automatically log you into your account via the single sign on feature.


For more information, visit our Xpressdocs Café page. If you have questions, feel free to reach out to Xpressdocs Support at 866-977-3627.