Supporting Your Clients Around the World

Affiliation with Leading Real Estate Companies of the World Helps Grow Your Business

Did you know that Long & Foster’s affiliation with the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World (LeadingRE) can help you better support your clients around the world? Through LeadingRE, we are connected with over 565 of the top brands with more than 130,000 associates in nearly 65 countries. As an L&F agent, you have direct access to this network of experts, which you can use to build your business and help your clients.

How the LeadingRE Network Helps Grow Your Business

When you have a client who is moving out of the L&F market area, you can use the LeadingRE outgoing referral network to connect your client with a real estate expert just like you. You can rest assured that your fellow LeadingRE member has the knowledge and expertise that your clients value and that their referral agent will help guide them to real estate success. Additionally, you can earn a valuable referral fee all while expanding your network.

Referrals by the Numbers

  • You can earn thousands of dollars on an outgoing referral. The average sales price within our referral network is $390,907, and with a 30 percent referral fee on a 3 percent commission, that means an average referral fee of $3,518.
  • Your leads are more likely to convert when sent through the LeadingRE network than other networks. The outgoing LeadingRE conversion rate is 53 percent and our conversion rate (just for Long & Foster outgoing referrals through LeadingRE) is even higher at 64 percent.
  • More and more referrals are closing through the LeadingRE network, with outbound closings up 15.5 percent year-to-date across the network.

Want more proof of the value of the LeadingRE network? Across the entire network, outgoing referrals are up 5 percent to over 29,793 thru November, and we’re seeing an increase of incoming referrals (those leads that are coming into our Long & Foster agents via the LeadingRE network). In fact, our Long & Foster team has closed over 360 incoming referrals for a sales volume of over $134 million through November 2017.

Are There Other Benefits to Using LeadingRE for Outgoing Referrals?

To learn more about Outgoing Referral Services, please follow this link to the dedicated page on the L&F Café.