Automate Your Open Houses with Three Digital Solutions

Melissa Kwan, Cofounder and CEO of Spacio

Let’s talk about open houses. Whether you love them or hate them, 50 percent of home purchasers go to open houses during their home search process, making opens one of the best ways to engage with new customers and grow your sphere of influence (Source: NAR).

However, even nowadays, open house lead capture is still largely done with pen and paper, which is inefficient and prone to errors. Furthermore, paper sign-in sheets can make agents look dated and unprofessional—not to mention the possibility of missed sales opportunities and relationships when sign-in sheets are lost or messy handwriting can’t be deciphered. With manual lead capture still the industry norm, this represents a huge opportunity for agents to optimize the open house process and close more deals.

What if you could take advantage of this opportunity today? Well, you can with Spacio, a revolutionary digital open house solution that helps you automate lead capture and follow up. We are the only company that offers agents analytics on open houses, so you can make more effective data-driven sales and marketing decisions.

Spacio is dedicated to making your open house lead generation more effective. We integrate with your favorite CRMs and digital marketing solutions to streamline your current business processes. Just like a perfect assembly line, every partner solution we’ve integrated with has a seamless workflow that will benefit your open house from lead capture to sales closure.

Let’s walk through the process with a few digital solutions that are already available.

Digitally Capture Your Leads at Open Houses with Spacio

Impress your visitors with a digital open house experience as they sign in on the iPad or device you choose (bonus: sign-in forms are branded so you can better reflect your brand to new visitors). You’ll be able to collect their contact information with ease, quickly and professionally. Want more? Spacio verifies contact information and pulls social data so you can have powerful consumer insights and start building rapport from the get-go.

Motivate Your Leads to Share Accurate Contact Details
When Moxi Present is integrated with Spacio (which it is for all Long & Foster agents), visitors can opt-in on the sign-in form to automatically receive a digital presentation about your property through email. It’s a great way to encourage all your visitors to share accurate contact information by delivering immediate value, as serious buyers will most likely be interested in receiving further information on the property.

Follow Up With Your Leads Immediately After the Open House

All leads registered using Spacio immediately flow directly into your Moxi Engage™ CRM for ongoing campaign and task management. With Moxi Engage, you can be confident that timely and proper follow up is taken care of, enabling you to deliver more value over time.

By using the industry-leading digital solutions mentioned above, you can now automate lead capture and follow up by seamlessly obtaining your open house visitor information.

If you haven’t taken advantage of these solutions to get more leads and monetize your open houses, start today! Stand out from the competition by modernizing your open houses; these solutions are easy to implement and already available to you.

Want to get started on Spacio?

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