5 Essentials to Creating an Engaging Facebook Page

When it comes to social media, Facebook is likely the first platform that comes to mind.

Why? Since it became a household name about a decade ago, its status as the dominant social medium has rarely gone unchallenged. It boasts over 400 million global users and it’s still growing – particularly in the real estate industry, with over 90 percent of Realtors using social media. And with nearly 72 percent of salespeople who use social media outperforming their counterparts who don’t, its link to success is undeniable.

With that in mind, the new year is the perfect opportunity to rethink how you use Facebook for your business and finally get the results you want. Here’s a checklist of five essentials to get your Facebook page generating better engagement.

Capitalize on Audience Insights One of the best gifts social media has given marketers is the ability to tap into how audiences engage with posts. Face­book’s Audience Insights tool allows you to grasp what your audience loves, what they hate and what they ignore – the kind of valuable data you need to devel­op a more successful social media strat­egy. It’s also an effective way to narrow down exactly who your audience is and then home in on them, speaking directly to their desires and concerns.

Optimize Your “About” Section It’s easy to overlook this section – a small box with a couple lines of text, which appears in the right-hand side of your page, might be easily dismissed as a relatively minor part of your social media strategy. But think of it this way: First-time visitors to your page may be looking for this information as a way to reach you. The message you convey here might set the tone for the rest of their visit and remain a large part of their impression of you. Consider how you want to be perceived by your audience and be sure to provide detailed contact information.

Good Visuals Are Key Visuals are essential to successful social media. Take this stat from Clickz.com: Photos gener­ate 53 percent more “likes” on Facebook and 84 percent more link clicks. This might not be news to you – hopefully you’re already con­sidering the importance of visuals in crafting a compelling social media post – but it’s an important piece of your social media strategy. Good imagery can’t be overlooked if you want to generate engagement among your audience.

Develop a Unique Strategy Imagine starting your business without a plan and not knowing what your goals are or how you’ll reach them. It seems unthinkable. Every successful business needs a plan. Social media isn’t any different. To have a compelling, profes­sional presence that converts online prospects into clients, you need to consider these two things, according to Post Planner:

  • An identity and tone for your page
  • Content that will get a positive reaction from your prospects

Engaging Content Hand-in-hand with social media strategy is content that engages and motivates your audience. Once you’ve developed a strategy that explains what you’d like to accomplish with your Facebook page, it’s time to think about the type of content that will get you to those goals. Some popular topics for real estate professionals include:

  • Tips and guides for clients
  • New real estate technology
  • Real estate news and feature articles
  • Local property listings

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