The Next Generation of Property Management is Now Available

Expanding our all-inclusive approach and reimagining property management  

As part of Long & Foster, you can offer your customers everything they need to buy, sell, own and rent a home. It’s the LF1 experience, and it includes real estate, mortgage, title, insurance, moving, inspection, vacation rentals, and even relocation.  

Plus, in 2022, you have access to an all-new approach to property management. One that creates sales opportunities for you, investment potential for your clients and strives to change the way we all think about property management. 

Get to know the new HomeServices Property Management 

Over the past several years, our team at Long & Foster’s Property Management Division has built the foundation of a new business. We leveraged leading technology platforms to modernize our operations. We structured our teams to best support our agents, property owners and tenants. We also created strategic vendor relationships to protect owners’ properties and provide tenants with quality places to live. 

It’s been a journey, and we’re now ready to re-introduce the business to all of you and your clients under a bold new brand—HomeServices Property Management (HSPM). 

You can rest assured you and your clients are well taken care of during this brand transition. The same exceptional teams from Long & Foster Property Management continue to work with HSPM, and Patrick Bain remains at the helm of our Property Services teams, which includes Long & Foster Insurance, HomeServices Property Management and Insight Inspections.  

What the future holds for HSPM and you 

As we move ahead this year, expect to see new service offerings from HSPM, as well as expanded training programs to help build your business. We’re shifting our focus to help serious (and aspiring) property owners build long-term wealth, increasing both their profits and peace of mind. We’ll do this while continuing to take great care of properties and the people who live in them. Plus, we’ll be working with you to help your property investors expand their portfolios and grow your real estate business at the same time.  

It’s truly the next generation of property management, for forward thinkers like you, your clients and our teams at Long & Foster. Learn more at