LFTV Schedule

Since its launch in late 2020, LFTV programming includes original talk shows, in-studio interviews with executives, promotional videos about company performance, animated shorts and educational content.  If you missed any of our releases, catch up here on a few highlights in our LFTV guide and schedule. And stay tuned into LFTV for an exciting 2022.

CEO in the House

Join us for a revealing conversation about the real estate industry with Long & Foster CEO, Jeff Detwiler and his guests decoding the paradigm shifts that are making waves in the world of home ownership.

Real Talk with Gary & Boomer

Real Talk with Gary & Boomer is a new show from Long & Foster where industry experts talk shop, reflect on previous market trends, and forecast what’s to come in the most dynamic industry in the world.

Private Exclusive “Fight for Honor”

When it comes to selling your home, which is best—a Private Exclusive or a Public Listing? The artful animated short the Fight for Honor that settles the Myth vs. Fact of a Private Exclusive real estate transaction, once and for all. Watch which one comes out on top.

First Home

Through our First Home program, first-time buyers get financial incentives, guarantees, a personal guide and a dedicated team. If you’re a first-time home buyer, see how our team comes together to help you realize your dreams in this spine-tingling short.

Insight Home Inspections: Be Insightful (coming soon)

Insight Home Inspections, a new company from Long & Foster, helps home buyers make optimal purchase decisions and learn how to maintain their home. Watch this short film on how we streamline your journey to get you to a peaceful closing.

Pure Performance

Our Pure Performance film series takes a deep dive into our dedication to our clients at times when we’re called upon to be agile and fluid, while maintaining a zen-like focus on service. Be sure to check out this series to keep up with us as we outpace our records.

Latest in Luxury Living

Long & Foster | Christie’s award-winning Luxury Homes Magazine artfully blends original editorial content while showcasing the most extraordinary homes across our luxury markets. This animated spot is for promoting the digital and physical book.