Gold Team Updates

The pandemic has made this year a challenge and caused us to operate differently than we normally would. In light of this, many of the plans we had for 2020 had to be stalled or reworked to ensure everyone’s safety. As we prepare for the end of the year, there are some updates we would like to announce going into 2021.

Gold Team Board

Due to their lack of representation in 2020 because of COVID-19, a motion was unanimously voted on by the board for all Gold Team board executives and regional representatives to keep their positions through 2021.

President: Mia Burch
1st Vice President: Trey Weitzel
2nd Vice President: Darlene Brent
All regional representatives will remain the same.

The charities the Gold Team supported in 2020, the Ronald McDonald House and Good Neighbor Home Repair, will continue to be the charities of choice in 2021.

Stay Connected

The new Gold Team intranet page is up and running! Though it took some time to get everything together after our outage, our new Gold Team intranet site is looking better than ever. Check it out to stay up to date on upcoming announcements, events and other important information.

If you have not already, join our Gold Team Facebook group to connect with fellow Gold Team members. Here, you can connect, learn from your peers and share a sense of community.

While we were unable to connect in person this year, we’re looking forward to a prosperous 2021. Until then, please stay safe, stay in touch, and we look forward to seeing you soon—even if it’s just online.